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Helping protect Seacoast New Hampshire since 1969, SAPL is the leading Seacoast citizen organization working for a safe and sustainable energy future.

Working Towards Offshore Wind Power!

Wind Power

On August 25th, SAPL and 350NH traveled to the New Hampshire Statehouse to meet with Governor Hassan’s staff and to present her with a 2,000-signature petition, asking Governor Hassan to request a task force to study offshore wind in the Gulf of Maine.

The governor only has a few months left in office! Now that the petition has been delivered, we’re asking everyone to take a moment to encourage Governor Hassan to get the process started before she leaves office.

Please take a moment to call Governor Hassan or submit a message through the Action Network using a simple online form. This is the governor’s chance to leave a legacy, to help us bring new technology to our state, and to make a REAL difference in renewable energy. Your voice matters. Please help!