SAPL is a proud supporter of the Community Power Coalition of New Hampshire. Officially incorporated in 2021, this initiative empowers citizens by helping New Hampshire towns and cities leverage their cumulative buying power to negotiate electric rates and have a say over where their electricity comes from.

For years, the Seacoast Anti-Pollution League has been doing its part to promote community power, encouraging towns to organize and speak up for a clean, sustainable, and economically sound energy future. We have helped guide several towns though the process of outreach and organization and they join the Coalition.

								 								 							Community Power Coalition of New Hampshire

The Benefits of Community Power

  • Local Control: Citizens get to choose where their power comes from and make decisions that will affect their community in the long run (rather than having everything decided by shareholders a thousand miles away).
  • Better Rates: Both due to the power of negotiation and economy of scale (buying in bulk)
  • Shared Knowledge: By working together, municipalities can share knowledge and collaborate regionally on the development of clean energy and resilient infrastructure.
  • A Bigger Voice: Municipalities come together and speak as one — and are heard — by the Legislature and the Public Utilities Commission. They can also pool resources and representation.

Does my town have a Community Power program?

Go to the Community Power Coalition website to view a map that shows where your town is in the process. If your town has not yet started the process and you’d like to get them started, contact us and we’ll give you some pointers on how to navigate the process