Renewable Energy for New Hampshire

Offshore Wind as Part of a Sustainable Future for New Hampshire


(image) floating support structure for offshore wind turbines

Offshore wind is the largest potential component for a safe, secure, and sustainable energy future in New Hampshire—free of the economic, environmental, and public health threats posed by fossil fuel and nuclear power pollution. The Seacoast Anti-Pollution League has been actively researching wind potential and conducting outreach to community groups and organizations, and we are very optimistic about the progress being made. SAPL is also a key member of WindASSIST – an alliance of local and statewide groups promoting offshore wind as a critical component of a sustainable energy future for Maine and New Hampshire.

In 2014, we initiated a state legislative study on the potential of offshore wind. The study involved several experts in the fields of energy and engineering in addition to state legislators, and it concluded that the wind resource off of New Hampshire’s coast has real potential to generate significant amounts of electricity. This potential is even greater if we consider collaborating with neighboring states. You can read the full findings and recommendations of the study in the Report of the Committee to Study Offshore Wind Energy and the Development of Other Ocean Power Technology.

THE NEXT STEP: Towns are making their voices heard.
We are currently focused on gathering municipal resolutions in support of an intergovernmental task force and stakeholder process to determine the feasibility and best locations for offshore wind in the Gulf of Maine.

SAPL is actively working with NH Seacoast communities to propose resolutions in support of offshore wind. Both Durham and Dover’s councils approved resolutions in April and July, respectively. Portsmouth voted unanimously to support a resolution in October, and we are currently working with local folks on town meeting warrant article initiatives in Rye, Exeter, Hampton, Lee and likely other Seacoast communities for 2018. If you’re a resident of one of these communities, we especially need your help in speaking up as the resolution goes before your town/city council in March. Learn how your town can speak up for clean energy »

TAKE ACTION: Have your town speak up for wind power!
While we are currently working with Portsmouth, Dover, and Durham, we invite all NH towns to propose a resolution in support of offshore wind. This is an opportunity to speak as an entire town to tell the State of New Hampshire to move forward on Offshore Wind. View a sample resolution or contact SAPL Director Doug Bogen with questions on how to start the process.

Interested in a presentation to your community group?
Contact Doug Bogen for more information.

…it is clear that our neighbors to the north and the south are making serious efforts to develop the [offshore wind] industry. Massachusetts is one of the leaders in the country at the moment in this regard. It therefore behooves New Hampshire to become more involved in this potentially significant area of economic growth, even with the limited coastline that we have. – from the Report of the Committee to Study Offshore Wind Energy


Hywind 2.3 MW Prototype, off Norway
VolturnUS/UMO 1/8 scale Turbine. Castine, ME
WindFloat 2 MW Turbine, off Portugal
350 ft. Turbine off Fukushima, Japan

Watch a presentation on wind development from our 2015 annual meeting In Portsmouth, NH. This is a comprehensive offshore wind energy presentation by Paul Williamson, Director and Industry Coordinator for the Maine Ocean & Wind Industry Initiative.