Current Projects at SAPL

Issues at Seabrook Station

SAPL serves as a community watchdog organization with regard to the Seabrook Nuclear Power Plant (which is owned and operated by a company in Florida, 1500 miles away). There are several issues of concern surrounding the power plant, including severely inadequate evacuation plans, groundwater infiltration into the foundation structures and control system conduits, crumbling walls and foundation structures, and ongoing routine and accidental releases of radioactive fission by-products into the air and water. Despite the many safety issues that Seabrook is having, they have applied for a premature license extension which would extend their operating license (which currently expires in 2030) all the way to 2050. SAPL is actively working to prevent re-licensing while moving New Hampshire towards safer and cleaner renewable alternatives.

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Portsmouth Naval Shipyard Toxics Cleanup

SAPL continues to work with and help oversee the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard superfund cleanup of toxic sites. For this project, SAPL is funded though a grant from the EPA for consultant contracting.

We have also recently joined a broader effort to promote a transition at the Shipyard to support the development of offshore wind power in our region. (WindASSIST)

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A Sustainable Energy Future for New Hampshire

SAPL is a key player in an alliance of local and statewide groups promoting offshore wind as a critical component of a sustainable energy future for this region. We are actively researching this potential and conducting outreach to community groups and organizations. In 2014, we initiated a state legislative study on offshore wind, and are currently seeking the Governor’s approval for a state/federal task force and stakeholder process to determine the feasibility and best locations in the Gulf of Maine to lease for wind farm development.
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The Seacoast Anti-Pollution League is a leading member of WindASSIST, encouraging real-world, economically viable solutions for a safer, cleaner energy future for New Hampshire and Maine. We are researching and promoting a plan to transition the uniquely equipped location and highly skilled workforce of the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard into a wind turbine research, fabrication, and maintenance facility.
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We are also in the initial stages of promoting a 100-percent renewable energy strategy for New Hampshire, working towards a safe, secure and sustainable energy future, free of the public health, economic and environmental threats posed by both fossil fuel and nuclear power pollution.
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