Watch the SB 181 hearing on radiological monitoring

A step towards independent, off-site, real-time Radiological Monitoring! On February 7, 2019, testimony was heard before the Health & Human Services Committee to discuss SENATE BILL 181-FN, an act requiring monitoring of certain radioactive air pollutants near the Seabrook Nuclear Power Plant. … Read More

Sununu requests offshore wind task force

SUCCESS! After years of effort by hundreds of activists and organizers, we finally have a request for an intergovernmental task force on offshore wind! On January 7, 2019, Governor Chris Sununu officially requested an offshore wind task force from the Bureau of … Read More

SAPL 2018 Annual Summary

 Annual Appeal for Support As the year comes to a close and we enter our 50th year of activity, we would like to give you a sense of the progress we’ve made and prospects for the new year toward a … Read More

Offshore Wind in the US: Beating projected costs and waking up investors

Big news! Contracts have been signed to purchase the power from the Vineyard Wind offshore wind farm, and the agreed cost of the project will be “shockingly” low – to the point of saving big bucks for ratepayers! In fact, … Read More

It’s Time to Revisit the Seabrook Evacuation Plan

Hampton Falls is the first New Hampshire community (joining many in Massachusetts) to request a new hearing on the 30-year-old evacuation plan for Seabrook. Hampton Falls Selectmen are calling for a public meeting with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission on evacuation … Read More

Video from the 2018 Rally for Renewables

On Earth Day 2018, the Leftist Marching Band kicked off the 350NH/SAPL Rally for Renewables in Concord, New Hampshire. A great variety of state and national organizations set up displays with literature and answered the public’s questions about offshore wind, … Read More

Voters Support Offshore Wind – Let’s Call on the Governor to Act!

There were 13 town meetings/town votes across the state that supported offshore wind warrant articles in March. We estimate over 6000 voters actually voted for the warrant articles just at town meetings/town votes – by 70% or more margins – … Read More

8 Years Later: Radwaste Piling Up and Japanese Citizens Paying the Price

Almost eight years after the disaster at Fukushima, radioactive waste is piling up and the Japanese government is forcing people back into the region after their “clean-up.” This video is an update to SAPL’s 2016 presentation with Arnie Gundersen, “Fukushima Five Years … Read More

SAPL 2017 Annual Summary

Annual Appeal for Support It’s that time of year that we ask you to become a financial supporter of SAPL. Please give generously to support the leading Seacoast citizen organization working for a safe and sustainable energy future. Though it’s … Read More

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