Seabrook Station Nuclear Power Plant

It’s Time to Revisit the Seabrook Evacuation Plan

Hampton Falls is the first New Hampshire community (joining many in Massachusetts) to request a new hearing on the 30-year-old evacuation plan for Seabrook. Hampton Falls Selectmen are calling for a public meeting with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission on evacuation plans for towns within 10 miles of Seabrook Station, but an NRC spokesman said no such meeting is in the works.

Federal and local officials continue to claim that their evacuation plan will function to protect the public, yet they are unwilling to revisit the topic or defend it in a public setting. The fact is, the 10-mile evacuation radius was never sufficient, the site of the plant has changed and continues to experience changes, the population has grown significantly, the structure and longevity of the plant are a serious concern, and sea levels are on the rise.

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