Seabrook ASR Woes Make the Evening News

Thanks to the great work of our allies at C-10, the growing Alkali-Silica Reaction (ASR) problem threatening the integrity of the Seabrook plant’s concrete foundations is getting some well-deserved media attention. A recent negative citation from NRC inspectors for inadequate … Read More

45 Years On: Clamshell Alliance Reunion (Video)

  The Birth of a National Anti-Nuclear Movement On August 1, 1976, 18 people walked onto the proposed site of the Seabrook Nuclear Power Plant and were arrested for criminal trespass and disorderly conduct. This would be the first civil … Read More

More Big Bailouts for Nuclear While Renewables Wither in the Heat?

How do we best invest in the future of clean, sustainable energy?  An article on the online journal Truthout describes the growing and urgent debate over whether to continue providing billions in financial subsidies to nuclear power. This debate is … Read More

Suggested Reading: Fukushima 10 Years On

Protest photo by Ra Dragon. Today marks the 10th anniversary of the onset of the Fukushima nuclear disaster. While much of mainstream media is glazing over the issue, Reader Supported News has published this honest and critical view from independent … Read More

Woods Hole Event: Fukushima Dai-ichi and the Ocean

UPDATE: You can now watch the sessions online at the event website » On Thursday, March 4, 2021, the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution will be hosting Fukushima Dai-ichi and the Ocean: Ten Years of Study and Insight with moderator Miles … Read More

NASA puts population, commerce, and environment at risk with Plutonium-238

NASA put the population, commerce, and environment at great risk by using Plutonium-238 as the energy source for the Perseverance Mars Rover. Plutonium-238 is 280 times more radioactive than plutonium-239, the isotope used in atomic bombs and as a “trigger” … Read More

NRC Chair and BC Professor Allison Macfarlane Questions SMRs (Small Modular Reactors)

From our neighbors to the north, proposals in maritime Canada to build the hoped for “next generation” of nuclear power – small modular reactors, or SMRs – are receiving strong criticism, not only from environmentalists but also a US nuclear … Read More

Doug Bogen Speaks at Friends of Merrymeeting Winter Speaker Series (Video)

SAPL Director, Doug Bogen, was the first presenter at the Friends of Merrymeeting Bay’s 2021 Winter Speaker Series This Zoom Event happened on  January 13, 2021 You can now watch the presentation on YouTube (below!)  Title: Seabrook Nuclear Plant: Winds … Read More

BIG NEWS! First Floating Wind Farm in the Gulf of Maine Proposed

BIG news on offshore wind! Maine is proposing to build the first floating wind farm in the Gulf of Maine! While it is a starter project of a dozen turbines for research purposes, it should get the ball rolling for … Read More

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