Mapping Uranium: View the True Footprint of Uranium in the World

Mapping Uranium: View the True Footprint of Uranium in the World

Beyond Nuclear has announced the publication of The Uranium Atlas: Facts and Data about the Raw Material of the Atomic Age.

First published in Germany in September of 2019, the English edition of the Uranium Atlas is a collaboration of the Nuclear Free Future FoundationBeyond Nuclear, Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung and the International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War (IPPNW).

Compiled by authors from around the world, this fully illustrated guide covers the journey of uranium – from mining and milling to the production of electricity and nuclear bombs to the unsolved and unending problem of radioactive waste. The atlas illustrates every location where uranium has been used, processed, or discarded as well as its effect on communities throughout the world:

Over the course of 21 concise, two-page chapters we see where uranium was mined — almost exclusively on Indigenous lands; who was in harm’s way during atomic tests — almost exclusively communities of color; and where nuclear industries want to dump their waste — in the case of North America and Australia, once again on indigenous lands.

The Atlas is as much a series of maps as it is a narrative of discrimination and colonial abuse; of people, their lands and their values.

Physical copies of the Uranium Atlas may be ordered from Beyond Nuclear at no charge, although donations are always welcome. You may also view the Uranium Atlas online where it can be download for free.

Uranium Map