Offshore Wind in the US: Beating projected costs & waking up investors


Big news! Contracts have been signed to purchase the power from the Vineyard Wind offshore wind farm, and the agreed cost of the project will be “shockingly” low – to the point of saving big bucks for ratepayers!

In fact, it’s exactly HALF the cost that the University of Delaware projected for US offshore wind farms by the middle of the next decade (Vineyard Wind is expected to be up and running by 2021). Read more details on this story in the Bloomberg article: “First Big U.S. Offshore Wind Farm Offers $1.4 Billion to Customers”

“The repercussions of this are it will probably awaken a lot of other coastal states to the value of offshore wind.” – Tom Harries, a wind analyst at Bloomberg NEF

Time is of the essence for New Hampshire to invest in its own future. The financial benefits of offshore wind would be a boon to our state, not only creating a clean energy future, but creating jobs and income that will allow us to keep New Hampshire the rural, beautiful place that we call home.

What can you do?

Help us wake up New Hampshire!

Learn more about Vineyard Wind and watch a great video on the potential of offshore wind in New England