Suggested Reading: Fukushima 10 Years On


Nuclear Protest
Protest photo by Ra Dragon.

Today marks the 10th anniversary of the onset of the Fukushima nuclear disaster. While much of mainstream media is glazing over the issue, Reader Supported News has published this honest and critical view from independent journalist William Boardman:
Fukushima Meltdowns Turn Ten, Still Getting Worse

Beyond Nuclear has posted a great deal of info on the anniversary, including the following press release which discusses the increase in thyroid cancer and UN duplicity:
Claims in New UN Fukushima Report Contradict its Own Science

Beyond Nuclear also offers this brief video that summarizes the impact of Fukushima and lessons to be learned:

Finally, Greenpeace published a report on the decontamination myth that surrounds Fukushima, The Decontamination Myth and a Decade of Human Rights Violations.
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