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Knocking on the Devil’s Door- Part of the SAPL “Nuclear Dangers” Film Series

SAPL “Nuclear Dangers” Film Series

The next free film to be shown in the Seacoast Anti-Pollution League series:

“Knocking on The Devil’s DoorOur Deadly Nuclear Legacy

(this film replaces the planned new film “The Atomic States of America”-not yet released)

 September 12, 2012 6pm-8pm at the new Kingston Public Library; 169 Main Street Kingston, NH 03848  (603) 642-3521


A detailed indictment of nuclear power and the nuclear industry

A detailed indictment of nuclear power and the nuclear industry

The complete film schedule and details can be viewed at the SAPL website  


There were Three Major Unanswered Questions About Nuclear Power in the 1950’s:

  1. Can we guarantee that there will not be a major accident and a meltdown of a reactor ?
  2. Is there a guarantee that the low level  radiations that come out of these reactors are harmless ?
  3. Do we have a way to deal with deadly nuclear waste ?

The answers to these three questions is still “NO”

Come to the free film showing and learn about the following:

Corruption within the nuclear industry; major corporations convicted of fraud and other illegal acts, but continue to be allowed to receive taxpayer subsidy guarantees to build new nuclear facilities

The truth about the health effects upon people caused by the radiation releases from the accidents at Three-Mile-Island, Chernobyl, and Fukushima.

The continuing worldwide threat posed by the radioactive spent fuel pools at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plants

The present availability of alternative energy technologies to replace much of the installed nuclear base in the world

The conspiracy to suppress evidence of the dangers of nuclear radiation and the effects of the major nuclear accidents that have happened so far

The fallacy of a “clean” nuclear industry poised to save us from global warming

Corporate media lies about the nuclear industry, nuclear plant safety, and the harmlessness of nuclear radiation

The public impact of activist opposition on the nuclear industry

The “Nuclear Pinocchios” of the media industry

The nuclear threat to all life on this planet



Seabrook ’77′: The Next Film In The Series To Be Shown August 1, 2012

SAPL Nuclear Film Series

The next film to be shown in the series:

Wednesday, August 1, 2012 – Seabrook Library:  “Seabrook 77” (80 minutes ) 6:00-8:00 PM

 In April 1977, the small coastal town of Seabrook, New Hampshire became an international symbol in the battle over atomic energy. Concerned about the dangers of potential radioactive accidents, over 2,000 members of the Clamshell Alliance, a coalition of environmental groups, attempted to block construction of a nuclear power plant in Seabrook. 1,414 people were arrested in that civil disobedience protest and jailed en masse in National Guard armories for two weeks.

SEABROOK 1977 tells the story of this seminal event of 1970′s environmental activism and shows people making history from the grassroots.

As the nuclear power industry is currently pushing for an expansion of nuclear plants to be built in the United State as a “clean alternative” to fossil fuels, the experiences of 1970’s anti-nuclear activists are more relevant than ever.

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